Our final appeal/The victory of Love

The Seed & Spark campaign to crowdfund the production of The Last Glimmer will end on Friday at 11:30am. This is our final appeal!

Click here to contribute: www.seedandspark.com/studio/last-glimmer

It has been an amazing process. We have raised 65% of our goal. I feel so blessed and grateful for all the support and enthusiasm. If we don’t make 80% of the goal, your contribution will be automatically returned to you. We’ve come so far, and it would be a shame to lose all of that support.

Crowdfunding is a process designed to take advantage of social media and online networks. Social media is not my strong suit. Before beginning this campaign, I had never written a blog post, or tweeted, or used a hashtag. Most of my Facebook friends are people I actually know! It has been a rewarding and challenging experience.

When I had had enough of sitting in front of the computer, I decided to take crowdfunding to the streets! I went out with a glittery sign and an empty popcorn bucket and handed out cards with the web links to the campaign. People loved it! Some people just chuckled, but others told me they understood and appreciated what I was doing. As a person who likes to be outside and moving around, I enjoyed panhandling very much!

The best part about this campaign has been reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, those gestures of support both modest and generous from the most unexpected places. There are years of great tragedy and grief behind me. The story of The Last Glimmer was borne out of those grievous times, but the production of the story into a movie  is a product of victory over tragedy, and that victory is made possible by Love.

Thank you!IMG_3764