Ready to Launch!

Emily_bioHere is a brief interlude, a calm between two storms. For the past six weeks, we have worked hard preparing to launch this crowdfunding campaign. When I began building the first blocks of a pre-production strategy, I was lying in a hammock feeling the breeze of the Southern Pacific ocean 500 yards away. Everything seemed possible! (The temporary film art we are using comes from stills and videos I took of that ocean view in Northern Peru.) Six weeks later, that one-man band is now a solid, growing, energized team of creative and technical contributors. My dream is now becoming a shared vision.

It seems every production I ever worked on operated based a permanent sense of being 2 weeks behind. There was never enough time in the first place to get everything done efficiently and without omnipotent Panic lording over us. I’m not going to claim this production will operate any differently, but I sure would like it to be fun! Everyone is putting in hours that I could never fully compensate (though everyone will be paid something), and as the producer and director, it’s so important to me that we all have a positive experience. As one consultant recently advised: everyone is the Talent. Remembering this and treating everyone on the team with boatloads of gratitude will be one of the most important challenges for me as a leader, especially when it’s crunch time, and Panic has set in.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to introducing you to each team member, describing her role (so far, mostly ladies!), and offering you an inside look at the adventures of independent filmmaking. There are so many interesting jobs on a film, so many experts behind the scenes that work together to make that memorable scene from your favorite movie. The more money we raise, the more of these talented people we can bring on board. Please contribute!